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A Topi is an antelope species of the genus Damaliscus.

Topi may also refer to:


  • Dhaka topi or Nepali topi, a style of hat that is part of the Nepali national dress
  • Bhaad-gaaule, part of Newari traditional dress, and an alternative to the Dhaka topi
  • Taqiyah (cap), a short, rounded cap worn by Muslim men, called "topi" in the Indian subcontinent
  • Gandhi cap or Gandhi topi, a white topi worn in India and having political significance
  • Pith helmet or topi, a lightweight helmet made of cork or pith with a cloth cover
  • Sindhi topi, a style of hat worn in Sindh
  • Topi, the word used in the Indian subcontinent for a Kufi, a short, rounded cap.


Other uses[edit]