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Wikipedia's co-founder Jimmy Wales wearing Bhaad-gaaule topi during closing ceremony of Wikimania-2015, at Mexico City, Mexico

A Bhaad-gaaule Topi(Nepali: भाद्गाउँले टोपी ) or Black Cap (Nepali: कालो टोपी) is a type of hat, popular in Nepal, specially in Newari Community. It is a type of black cap/topi, especially made in the towns of Bhadgaon or Bhaktapur in Nepal, and a part of Newari traditional dress. This has been adopted as a part of Nepali national dress for men, as an alternative to the Palpali Dhaka topi.


Many years ago, in the Panchayat era and earlier, the traditional black cap, produced by artisans in Bhaktapur, used to be the preferred accessory for men in Kathmandu. It was not just preferred for formal occasions or daily wear—all Nepali men had to don one if they wanted access to government offices and in halls of power, such as Singha Durbar.[1]


Newari men in the Kathmandu Valley to attend festivals attired in their traditional dress for which, the Bhadgaule topi is a must.


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