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Tour of Europe 1979 was a concert tour by the British multi-instrumentalist Mike Oldfield.


It was his first tour, 6 years after his debut album, Tubular Bells. It was used as promotion for the Incantations album. The tour spawned a record release, Exposed, and later a concert video, Exposed. Initially during the tour the concerts were being recorded without the knowledge of the musicians, so that they could be paid less money; for just a performance and not a recording, the musicians found out, but the recordings went ahead and the album was produced.[1]

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue Notes
31 March 1979 Barcelona Spain Palacio Municipal de los Deportes 2 shows at 6pm and 10pm
2 April 1979 Madrid Pabellón Deportivo del Real Madrid 2 shows at 7pm and 10:30pm
4 April 1979 Paris France Pavillon Baltard
5 April 1979 Düsseldorf Germany Phillips Halle
7 April 1979 Berlin Eissporthalle
9 April 1979 Bruxelles Belgium Forst National
10 April 1979 Rotterdam Netherlands De Doelen
12 April 1979 Kobenhavn Denmark Falkoner
14 April 1979 Bremen Germany Bremen-Arena
15 April 1979 Hamburg Congress Center Hamburg
17 April 1979 Munich Saal des Deutschen Museums
18 April 1979 Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle
21 April 1979 London United Kingdom Royal Festival Hall 2 Shows
25 April 1979 Wembley Conference Centre Released on DVD
26 April 1979
28 April 1979 Wembley Arena
29 April 1979
2 May 1979
3 May 1979 Birmingham National Exhibition Centre
4 May 1979 Manchester Apollo
7 May 1979 Belle Vue Tickets £5