Toy Porno

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Toy Porno
Starring Dennis Flemion
Jimmy Flemion
Jay Tiller
Brian "Beezer" Hill
Brian T. Komar
Music by The Frogs
Distributed by Self-released
Release date
  • October 1993 (1993-10)
Running time
Country United States
Language English

Toy Porno (sometimes written as Toy P) is a self-released experimental art film by The Frogs. The amateur videotape was compiled in October 1993, as a gift for Kurt Cobain. It would soon become frequent viewing material on the Nirvana tour bus, and later on the Foo Fighters tour bus as well. Later, after generated copies began circulating amongst fans, the band began selling copies at shows. The tape is only available in VHS format. The band is planning to release a DVD version in the future, but they want to digitally re-create the compilation from the original masters and need the proper time and funds to do so.[1] The file is available for download online in AVI format through various outlets.[2][3]

The title of the film refers to several short film sketches that feature action figures, dolls and knick-knack toys having adult conversations and performing sexual acts. The shorts sometimes use stop-motion animation. Mingled within the shorts are home videos and concert performances that include many cover songs played in a joking and spontaneous manner.


In the Brian T. Komar Interview, Jimmy Flemion rants about the Patti Smith song, "25th Floor", satirically calling it "23rd Floor", to which the interviewer responds by proposing the interviewee is on drugs.

In Pony Killer (Bagism), the brothers Flemion use the Lennon/Ono "trash bag" technique on a young Asian girl, referring to her as "Yoko".

During a live performance of "I've Got Drugs (Out of the Mist)", Dennis Flemion berates a bumbling soundman, famously singing, "you are not getting paid tonight!"

Video order (track listing)[edit]

  • 1. "Easy to Be Hard"† (Intro) (June 1982)
  • 2. Animal Adventure #1
  • 3. "Someone's Pinning Me to the Ground" (Milwaukee, 27 February 1992)
  • 4. Animal Adventure #2
  • 5. "Here Comes My Girl"† (Garage 1980)
  • 6. Animal Adventure #3
  • 7. "Mr. Right" (Milwaukee, 22 August 1991)
  • 8. Animal Adventure #4
  • 9. "Satan's in the Manger"
  • 10. "Jesus Book #1-3"
  • 11. "He's the Prince" (Minneapolis, 28 October 1984)
  • 12. Over the Flames
  • 13. "Been a Year Since I Had a Boy" (Living Room Tapes, 22 February 1988)
  • 14. Dinosaurs Must Eat
  • 15. "I've Got Drugs (Out of the Mist)" (Milwaukee, 1 November 1988)
  • 16. T. Rex Sex
  • 17. "Blues Jam"/"Hot Cock Annie" (Madison, 1 October 1988)
  • 18. Toy Dog w/ Dinosaur Background
  • 19. "White Rabbit"† (Milwaukee, 18 August 1989)
  • 20. T.V. Nightmare
  • 21. "I'm a Strolling Minstrel"
  • 22. Brian T. Komar Interview Pt.1
  • 23. Covers Medley (Milwaukee, 18 February 1989):
  • 24. Camping Trip #1
  • 25. Camping Trip #2
  • 26. "Yesterday" (June 1982)
  • 27. "I Don't Care If U Disrespect Me (Just So You Love Me)" (Philadelphia, 13 December 1991)
  • 28. Pony Killer (Bagism)
  • 29. "These Are the Finest Queen Boys (I've Ever Seen)" (Chicago, 11 April 1992)
  • 30. "These Are the Finest Queen Boys (I've Ever Seen)" (Milwaukee, 27 February 1992)
  • 31. "Smells Like Teen Spirit"/"Territorial Pissings"† (Milwaukee, 27 February 1992)
  • 32. "Territorial Pissings"† (Chicago, 1 February 1992)
  • 33. "When Doves Cry"† (Minneapolis, 21 August 1984)
  • 34. Segment from the John Ankerberg Show ("Gather 'Round for Savior #2")
  • 35. Clown of Thorns (Louisville, 9 August 1993)
  • 36. "Easy to be Hard (Reprise)"† (June 1982)

† denotes cover song.


Music from Toy Porno (later released on CD as Sad Bits and More Sad Bits) is a self-released soundtrack, chiefly composed of piano instrumentals.


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