Tragg and the Sky Gods

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Publication information
Publisher Gold Key Comics
First appearance Mystery Comics Digest #3 (Apr. 1972)
Created by Donald F. Glut and Jesse Santos
In-story information
Species Cro-Magnon
Place of origin Prehistoric Earth
Partnerships Lorn
Tragg and the Sky Gods
Series publication information
Publisher Gold Key Comics
Schedule Four times a year
Format Ongoing series
Genre Science fiction/Fantasy
Publication date June 1975 – Feb. 1977
Number of issues 8
Main character(s) Tragg
Creative team
Writer(s) Donald F. Glut
Artist(s) Jesse Santos, Dan Spiegle

Tragg and the Sky Gods was a comic book title published by Gold Key Comics in the mid-1970s. The series was created by writer Donald F. Glut and artist Jesse Santos.[1] Later, artist Dan Spiegle would work on the title.


The character first appeared in Mystery Comics Digest #3, published in April 1972. His next appearance was in Mystery Comics Digest #9 in January, 1973. A series, Tragg and the Sky Gods would then run from #1 (June 1975) until #8 (February 1977).[2] The last original Tragg story appeared in Gold Key Spotlight #9 in September, 1977. Whitman, the successor to Gold Key, would later reprint the first issue as #9, in May 1982.


Tragg and the Sky Gods was a mix of science-fiction and prehistoric man. The book told of a group of advanced aliens who landed on Earth in the distant past and experimented on the Neanderthals they found there, producing two Cro-Magnons, who would become Tragg and his mate, Lorn. Tragg and Lorn would thus be the ancestors of all modern humans. Writer Glut tied Tragg into other series he created at Gold Key, by having Tragg's Neanderthal brother Jarn appear in Dagar the Invincible.


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