Transferrin saturation

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Transferrin saturation, measured as a percentage, is a medical laboratory value. It is the value of serum iron divided by the total iron-binding capacity. Of the transferrin that is available to bind iron, this value tells a clinician how much serum iron is bound. For instance, a value of 15% means that 15% of iron-binding sites of transferrin are being occupied by iron. The three results are usually reported together.

Usual values[edit]

Normal reference ranges are:

  • Serum iron: 60–170 μg/dL (10–30 μmol/L)
  • Total iron-binding capacity: 240–450 μg/dL
  • Transferrin saturation: 15–50% (males), 12–45% (females)

μg/dL = micrograms per deciliter μmol/L = micromoles per liter

Laboratories often use different units and "normal" may vary by population and the lab techniques used. To help clinicians interpret their patients' results, laboratories are generally also required to report their normal or reference values.

Reference ranges for blood tests, comparing blood content of iron and related compounds (shown in brown and orange) with other constituents.