Transferrin saturation

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Transferrin saturation, abbreviated as TSAT and measured as a percentage, is a medical laboratory value. It is the ratio of serum iron and total iron-binding capacity. Of the transferrin that is available to bind iron, this value tells a clinician how much serum iron are actually bound. For instance, a value of 15% means that 15% of iron-binding sites of transferrin are being occupied by iron. For an explanation of some clinical situations in which this ratio is important, see Total iron-binding capacity. The three results are usually reported together.

Usual values[edit]

Normal reference ranges are:

  • Serum iron: 60–170 μg/dl (10–30μmol/L)
  • TIBC: 240–450 μg/dl
  • Transferrin saturation: 15–50% (males), 12–45% (females)

μg/dl = micrograms per deciliter.

Laboratories often use different units and "normal" may vary by population and the lab techniques used. Look at the individual laboratory reference values to interpret a specific test (for instance, your own).

Reference ranges for blood tests, comparing blood content of iron and related compounds (shown in brown and orange) with other constituents.