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Transtage rocket stage.jpg
A Transtage
Manufacturer Martin Marietta
Country of origin United States
Used on Titan III
General characteristics
Height 4.57 meters (15.0 ft)
Diameter 3.05 meters (10.0 ft)
Gross mass 12,247 kilograms (27,000 lb)
Engine details
Engines 2 AJ10
Thrust 71.166 kilonewtons (15,999 lbf)
Burn time 440 seconds
Fuel Aerozine 50/N2O4

Transtage was an American upper stage used on Titan III rockets.[1] Forty were launched, of which three failed.[2]

The first launch, boosted by a Titan IIIA carrier rocket, occurred on 1 September 1964. The Transtage failed to pressurise, resulting in premature engine cutoff, and a failure to reach orbit.[3] The second launch, on 10 December, was successful. The last launch of a transtage occurred on 4 September 1989, boosted by a Titan 34D rocket.[4]

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