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Transtech Oy
Limited company
Industry transport, engineering
Founded 1985, Otanmäki
Headquarters Oulu, Finland
Area served
Key people
Lasse Orre
Products low-floor trams
double-decker coaches
Number of employees
530 (2015)
Parent Škoda Transportation
VR Class Edfs (InterCity 2) double-deck carriage built at Otanmäki by Talgo Oy (now Transtech Oy).
VR Class Dr16 locomotives are assembled by Transtech.

Transtech Ltd (Finnish: Transtech Oy) is Finland's major domestic manufacturer of railway and trams rolling stock. It specialises in building railway vehicles and trams for extreme climatic conditions, such as those encountered in Finland.


The company was established in 1985 when the Finnish engineering firm Rautaruukki started manufacturing freight wagons in Otanmäki and Taivalkoski. In 1991 the railway rolling stock works of Valmet (in Tampere), which specialised in the manufacture of carriages and locomotives, was merged with Transtech. In 1998 Rautaruukki sold the Taivalkoski factory to Telatek Oy, retaining the Otanmäki plant.


In June 1999 Rautaruukki sold Transtech to Patentes Talgo SA of Spain, but was subsequently sold to the Finnish group Pritech Oy in March 2007. During the period of Spanish ownership the company was known as Talgo Oy, but has reverted to its previous name. In August 2015 Škoda Transportation bought a majority stake in the company.

Rolling stock[edit]

The company has manufactured double-deck carriages (sleeper cars, InterCity 2 passenger cars and vehicle transport carriages) which are used by VR (Finnish Railways).[1] It will also provide the new Transtech Artic[2] articulated trams for the Helsinki City Transport.[3]

In October 2016 Transtech was selected to provide 26 trams for the Tampere light rail system.[4]


The company's office is located in Oulu and its main manufacturing base is in Otanmäki, Kajaani.

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