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Trash Gordon is the name of a fictitious character on the long-running PBS children's television show Sesame Street. Played by Roscoe Orman, who also plays the character of Gordon on the show, Trash Gordon is a parody version of the science fiction hero Flash Gordon. Trash Gordon also lends his name to a recurring segment on Sesame Street, "The Adventures of Trash Gordon."

Within the context of Sesame Street, Trash Gordon is a character in a science fiction adventure book which Oscar the Grouch reads to his pet worm Slimey to help him fall sleep. Trash is portrayed as an intergalactic traveler who encounters odd creatures on each planet he visits. In each adventure Trash Gordon escapes peril with nonviolent and improvisational solutions, thanks to his quick thinking; for instance, when a living pile of rotten bananas confronts Trash, it is soon chased away by an "Intergalactical Monkey" he happens to have with him.[1]


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