Tribute to Bobby

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Tribute to Bobby
Tribute to Bobby.jpg
Studio album by Mick Hucknall
Released 19 May 2008
Recorded 2008
Genre Blues, jazz, pop, adult contemporary

Tribute to Bobby is a 2008 album by Mick Hucknall and his first solo album. It was released in the United Kingdom on 19 May 2008 and is a collection of songs in tribute to the blues singer Bobby Bland.

A DVD was also released along with the album. It contains a documentary which was filmed in Memphis, Tennessee in November 2007.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Farther Up the Road" (Joe Medwick, Don Robey) - 3:27
  2. "Ain't That Lovin' You" (Deadric Malone) - 3:09
  3. "I'm Too Far Gone (To Turn Around)" (Belford Hendricks, Clyde Otis) - 2:15
  4. "Poverty" (Dave Clark, Pearl Woods) - 3:19
  5. "Yolanda" (Daniel Moore) - 3:56
  6. "Stormy Monday Blues" (Aaron "T-Bone" Walker) - 2:39
  7. "I Wouldn't Treat a Dog (The Way You Treated Me)" (Steve Barri, Michael Omartian, Michael Price, Dan Walsh) - 3:11
  8. "I'll Take Care of You" (Brook Benton) - 2:56
  9. "Chains of Love" (Ahmet Nugetre) - 2:59
  10. "I Pity the Fool" (Malone) - 3:36
  11. "Cry, Cry, Cry" (Malone) - 3:45
  12. "Lead Me On" (Malone) - 2:17


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