Triptolemos Painter

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Erotic scene, interior image on a drinking cup, circa 470 v.Chr. Tarquinia, Museo Nazionale.
Procession of men, and youth pouring wine for Dionysos, interior of a kylix. Louvre, Paris

The Triptolemos Painter was an ancient Greek vase painter, belonging to the Attic red-figure style. He was active in Athens between 490 and 470 BC. His real name is not known. He started working in the workshop of Euphronios, where he was probably taught by Douris. Later, he also worked for the potters Brygos, Hieron and Python. Initially, his style was strongly influenced by Archaic art. His later works are mediocre in quality. Nonetheless, his repertoire is broad, reaching from the Apaturia procession via erotic scenes and Theban scenes to the departure of Triptolemos (his name vase).


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