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Top Model Türkiye was a reality competition produced by D Productions, broadcast by Star TV and part of the Top Model series created by Tyra Banks. The show was cancelled after the first season due to low ratings. It was won by Selda Car. Şeyma Subaşı and Senem Kuyucuoğlu, two other finalists have gone on to become prominent models with Kuyucuoğlu finishing second at the 2009 Miss Turkey national pageant and representing her nation at the 2009 Miss Universe pageant.

The competition[edit]

Auditions were held across several Turkish provinces. Out of 20 shortlisted, 12 were selected by the jury to enter the final and moved to a luxury villa in Zekeriyaköy.


Cycle Summary[edit]

Cycle Premiere date Winner Runner-up Other contestants in order of elimination Number of contestants International Destination(s)
1 August 17, 2006 Selda Car Yağmur Eren Eda Köse, Güneş Öznek, Meral Bayram, Merve Şendil, Nurcan Altınoluk, Göksun Uzun, Gözde Çetin, Senem Kuyucuoğlu, Songül Yıldırım, Şeyma Subaşı 12 Italy

Turkey's Next Top Model, Cycle 1[edit]


(ages stated at time of contest)

Name Age Ranking
Selda Car 22 Winner
Yağmur Eren 19 Runner-Up
Şeyma Subaşı 23 3rd
Songül Yıldırım 18 4th
Senem Kuyucuoğlu 20 5th
Gözde Çetin 25 6th
Göksun Uzun 22 7th
Nurcan Altınoluk 22 8th
Merve Şendil 18 9th
Meral Bayram 21 10th
Güneş Öznek 24 11th
Eda Köse 19 12th

Call-out order[edit]

Jennifer's Call-out Order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 Natalia Abbie Kate Selena AnnMarie AnnMarie Danni AnnMarie Natalia Adetine Natalia Natalia Natalia
2 Zeldine Ava Zeldine Catarina Fenee Natalia Fenee Kate Fenee Kate Adetine Fenee Fenee
3 Allyson Danni AnnMarie Fenee Kate Danni AnnMarie Fenee Kate Fenee Fenee Adetine
4 Selena Kate Danni Kate Selena Kate Adetine Danni AnnMarie Natalia Kate
5 Danni AnnMarie Natalia Adetine Catarina Zeldine Natalia Natalia Adetine AnnMarie
6 Fenee Catarina Ava Natalia Danni Selena Selena Adetine Danni
7 Adetine Allyson Fenee Abbie Zeldine Fenee Kate Selena
8 Cheri Joce Cheri Joce Selena AnnMarie Natalia Adetine Zeldine Zeldine
9 Kate Selena Catarina Danni Adetine Catarina
10 AnnMarie Adetine Adetine Zeldine Abbie
11 Catarina Natalia Abbie Ava
12 Abbie Zeldine Cheri Joce
13 Ava Fenee Allyson
14 Jessica Jessica
     The contestant was part of a non-elimination bottom two
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant was eliminated outside of judging panel
     The contestant won the competition


Turkey’s Next Top Model

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