Type 93 surface-to-air missile

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Type 93 SAM
JGSDF Koukidousha (TOYOTA) 10.jpg
Type 93 SAM rockets on a Kōkidōsha
TypePassive infrared homing missile
Place of originJapan
Service history
In service1993–present
Used byJapan
Production history
DesignerToshiba Heavy Industries
ManufacturerToshiba Heavy Industries
Mass11.5 kg
Length1.43 m
Diameter80 mm

EngineSolid Rocket Motor
Infrared homing

The Type 93 Surface-to-air missile (93式近距離地対空誘導弾, 93shiki-kinkyori-titaikū-yuūdōdan) is a surface-to-air missile used by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. It is the vehicle-borne version of the Type 91 missile.[1][2]

It is known in JSDF ranks as the Closed Arrow.[3]


It was first deployed in 1993, due to a need to replace L-90 35mm Anti-Aircraft Twin Cannons in JGSDF service.[2] It is typically deployed on a modified launcher Kōkidōsha (military version Toyota Mega Cruiser) with a total of eight missiles ready to fire.[2][4]


The Type 93 is a vast improvement over the L-90 as it has the ability to track down and shoot down enemy aircraft thanks to infrared homing on its system.[5]

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