Type 87 Chu-MAT

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Type 87 Chu-MAT
JGSDF Type87 ATM.jpg
The Type 87 launcher and laser designator on a single tripod.
Type Laser guided anti-tank missile
Place of origin Japan
Service history
In service 1989 - present
Used by Japan
Production history
Designer Defense Agency Technical Research and Development Institute
Designed Late 1970s
Manufacturer Kawasaki Heavy Industries[1]
Mitsubishi Motors
Produced 1987 to present
Weight Missile 12 kg
System 140 kg[2]
Length 1 m
Crew 3

Caliber Between 110 and 120 mm[3]
Effective firing range 2,000 m
Sights Laser assisted sights

Laser guidance
The launcher unit of the Type 87.

The Type 87 Chū-MAT (87式対戦車誘導弾 87-shiki tai-sensha yūdō-dan?) Chū-MAT is a Japanese laser guided anti-tank missile in service with the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces. It had been created as a front-line replacement for the Type 64 MAT, pressed into service with the Type 79 Jyu-MAT.


Development of the system began in 1976, missile trials were conducted in 1982, and a complete prototype system delivered in 1985.[4] The first units entered service with the JGSDF in 1989.[4] The system consists of a launcher, and a laser designator mounted on a heavy tripod.

The Ministry of Defense Technical Research and Developmental Institute has conducted testing on a new anti-tank missile that will eventually replace the Type 87 in front-line service. The project's code name is known in the JSDF as the Shin Chu-MAT.[5]


The unit is situated on a tripod unit with the missile launcher and laser designator on it. The designator and launcher can be separated from each other by up to 200 meters, or can be mounted together on the same tripod, although Jane's notes that the exhaust gas from the missile may interrupt the designator laser.[3]

Like the Type 64 MAT and the Type 79 Jyu-MAT, it can be mounted onto a Mitsubishi Type 73 jeep or the Komatsu LAV for anti-armor roles.

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