UNAF Nessma Cup

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UNAF Nessma Cup
Founded 2011
Region North Africa (UNAF)
Number of teams 8
Television broadcasters Nessma TV
Website unaf official site

The UNAF Nessma Cup is a tournament designed by the Union of North African Football (UNAF) that puts together the top three best finishers of the domestic leagues and the two finalists of the domestic cups around North Africa. The tournament has representatives from Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. Egypt returned in 2012 after boycotting the UNAF since 2009.


The competition was founded by the UNAF in 2011 by merging both the North African Cup of Champions and the North African Cup Winners Cup in a single competition.[1] The tournament planned to start in September 2011, however it was postponed because financial problem of the principal sponsor of the competition, Nessma TV.[2]


The competition is organized as a cup format with two draws. Each team plays once at home and once away in each round. The tournament has three rounds, quarterfinals, semifinals and finals.


Year Home team Score Away team Venue Attendance
won on aggregate


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