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Uber Entertainment, Inc.
IndustryVideo game industry
Interactive entertainment
ProductsMonday Night Combat (2010)
Super Monday Night Combat (2012)
Planetary Annihilation (2014)

Uber Entertainment is an American video game developer based in Kirkland, Washington. Employees of this company worked on games such as Total Annihilation, Supreme Commander, Command and Conquer, and Demigod.[1] In 2010, Uber Entertainment released its first title, Monday Night Combat, which was well received by critics.

In September 2012, the company successfully ran a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its real-time strategy title, Planetary Annihilation. The fundraiser produced over US$2.2 million in funds. The original retail release was slated for December 2013,[2] but was postponed, with the game expected "to be feature-complete in early 2014." [3]

On October 2, 2014, Uber Entertainment announced a new Kickstarter campaign for a real-time strategy game, Human Resources. The goal was set for $1.4 million, though the project was cancelled October 21, 2014 after projections showed the fundraiser would fail to raise the needed capital.[4]


Title Year Platform(s) Notes
Monday Night Combat 2010 Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360
Super Monday Night Combat 2012 Microsoft Windows
Outland Games 2013 iOS
Toy Rush 2013 iOS In collaboration with Tilting Point
Planetary Annihilation 2014 Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux
Planetary Annihilation: Titans 2015 Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux An updated version of the original game
Wayward Sky 2016 PlayStation VR
Dino Frontier 2017 PlayStation VR
Kerbal Space Program 2 2020 Xbox One, PS4, PC Developed under the studio name "Star Theory"


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