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Spilka Ukraïns'koï Molodi
Spilka Ukraïns'koï Molodi.svg
Spilka Ukraïns'koï Molodi
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The Ukrainian Youth Association, commonly referred to as CYM (Ukrainian: Спілка української молоді, Spilka Ukraïns'koï Molodi), is a scouting organization in Ukraine, Argentina, Australia,[1] Belgium,[2] Canada, Estonia,[3] France,[2] Great Britain,[4] Germany,[5] and the United States[6]. The organization plans to create units in New Zealand.[7]


The Ukrainian Youth Association was founded in Ukraine in 1925 by Mykola Pavlushkov, who waged a civil war against the 1917 October Russian Revolution.

Program sections[edit]

  • Sumeniata (youngest members) - ages 3 to 5
  • Molodshe Yunatstvo (younger members) - ages 6 to 12
  • Starshe Yunatstvo (older members) - ages 13 – 17
  • Druszynnyky (Councillors/Leaders) - ages 18 – 49
  • Seiniory (Seniors) - ages 50+

A Ukrainian who attributes themselves to the СУМ organization is named Sumivets.


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