Umm Salal Stadium

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Umm Salal Stadium
Umm Salal Stadium.jpg
Artist's impression of the new stadium
Location Umm Salal, Qatar
Capacity 45,000 (planned)
Surface Grass
Architect Albert Speer & Partner GmbH
2022 FIFA World Cup

Umm Salal Stadium (Arabic: ملعب أم صلال‎‎) is a proposed football stadium which will be built in Umm Salal, Qatar, in time for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


Umm Salal Stadium will be able to support 45,120 fans. The conceptual design of the stadium is based on traditional Arabian forts. Post World Cup, the stadium will be used by Umm Salal F.C. as their home ground.

Coordinates: 25°25′12″N 51°24′00″E / 25.4200°N 51.4000°E / 25.4200; 51.4000