Under Ben Bulben

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Under Ben Bulben is a poem written by celebrated Irish poet W. B. Yeats.


It is believed to be one of the last poems he wrote, being drafted when he was 73, in August 1938 when his health was already poor (he died in January 1939).[1]


The phrase 'Mareotic Lake' is used by the author of De Vita Contemplativa when writing about the Therapeutae.[2]

Yeats's gravestone[edit]

The last three lines contain instructions for his own gravestone. These have been fulfilled.[3]


The poem, read by actor Richard Harris, opens and closes an album of Yeats's poems set to music, entitled Now And In A Time To Be.


The title of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Larry McMurtry's first novel, Horseman, Pass By, is derived from the last three lines of this poem. The same is true about the French writer Michel Déon's book Horseman, Pass By![4]

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