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For other uses, see Unia (disambiguation).
Studio album by Sonata Arctica
Released 25 May 2007
Recorded December 2006 - January 2007 at Tico Tico Studio
Sonic Pump Studio (guitars, acoustic guitars)
Studio 57 (string, hammond organ)
2ndrate Soundcave (vocals, backing vocals, keyboards)
Jani's Lair (guitarsolos)
The Lanceland Room (keyboards, keyboard solos)
Genre Power metal, symphonic metal, progressive metal
Length 58:35
Label Nuclear Blast
Producer Tony Kakko, Sonata Arctica
Sonata Arctica chronology
The Collection
The Days of Grays
Singles from Unia
  1. "Paid in Full"
    Released: 27 April 2007
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars [1]
Lords of Metal (9.7/10) [2]
Sea of Tranquility 4/5 stars [3]

Unia (English: Dreams), released on 25 May 2007, is the fifth full-length studio album by the power metal band Sonata Arctica, following the album Reckoning Night. The first single from the album was "Paid in Full", released on 27 April 2007. This is also the last album that features Jani Liimatainen, who was later replaced by Elias Viljanen after the album was released.

The album was mixed at Finnvox Studios, and mastered at Cutting Room Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. The album was also released as a limited edition noble book in 7" size (1000 copies), exclusively available via mailorder from Nuclear Blast records. The limited edition came with a differing track listing and bonus tracks "To create a warlike Feel" and "Out in the Fields".

Sound and themes[edit]

Unia is darker and more aggressive than Sonata Arctica's earlier work, with mid-tempo songs, more inclusion of 7 string guitars and a minimal amount of solos. It has been described as a significant "turning point".

Vocalist Tony Kakko has once admitted that Unia being released just after Reckoning Night "was probably a shock to many people".[4] He also described it as "a liberating experience. From there we took slowly some other direction".[4] Commenting further on the album, he also stated:[4]

Drummer and founding member Tommy Portimo said that Unia "brought many good things. I think our band needed that little shaking. [...] That album felt very natural. Although we realized it was very far from what we were before. But it was just a natural shaking."[4]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Tony Kakko, songs arranged by Sonata Arctica

No. Title Length
1. "In Black and White"   5:03
2. "Paid in Full"   4:24
3. "For the Sake of Revenge"   3:23
4. "It Won't Fade"   5:58
5. "Under Your Tree"   5:14
6. "Caleb"   6:16
7. "The Vice"   4:08
8. "My Dream's but a Drop of Fuel for a Nightmare"   6:13
9. "The Harvest"   4:21
10. "The Worlds Forgotten, the Words Forbidden"   2:57
11. "Fly With the Black Swan"   5:08
12. "Good Enough Is Good Enough"   5:30
13. "To Create a Warlike Feel" (European bonus track) 5:03
14. "They Follow" (Japanese bonus track) 4:50
15. "Out in the Fields" (Gary Moore cover, Japanese bonus track) 4:06
16. "My Dream's but a Drop of Fuel for a Nightmare (Instrumental)" (Japanese bonus track) 7:11


Sonata Arctica
Additional personnel
  • Selestina Choir on "In Black and White", "Under Your Tree", "To Create a Warlike Feel" and "Caleb" conducted by Tarja Vanhala.
  • Acoustic guitars, Bouzouki, Chromaharp, Cavaquinho and Q-chord on "They Follow", "Under Your Tree", "The Harvest", "It Won't Fade" and "Fly with the Black Swan" by Peter Engberg.
  • Finnish vocals in "To Create a Warlike Feel" by Jarkko Martikainen
  • Opening narration in "Caleb" by Milla V
  • Vocals, "whatevergod..." ("Caleb") and backing vocals, "just passion and rage" ("In Black and White") performed by Starbuck.
  • Tuomas Airola − cello (on track 13)
  • Elar Kuiv − violin (on track 13)
  • Kati Niemelä − violin/viola (on track 13)
  • Anna-Leena Kangas − viola (on track 13)
  • Oskari Hannula − double bass (on track 13)
  • Bowed string instruments on track 13 arranged and conducted by Tuomas Airola.