Union of French Baptist Churches of Canada

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L'Union d'Églises baptistes françaises au Canada or Union of French Baptist Churches in Canada is an association of Baptist churches for French-speaking Canadians.

Work among French-speaking Baptists goes back to 1837, thanks to Swiss missionaries Henriette Feller and Louis Roussy. The churches resulting from this movement formally organized in 1969 as l'Union d'Églises baptistes françaises au Canada, and became part of the Canadian Baptist Federation in 1970.

In 2003, the Union was made up of 29 churches, mostly in Quebec, with an estimated 2500 members. The Union participates in the Missionary Society of Ontario & Quebec and is a member of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and Canadian Baptist Ministries. Offices are in Montreal, Quebec, where the Faculté de Théologie évangélique (Evangelical Theology Faculty) is also operated. Rev. David Rowley serves as General Secretary (Spring 2013).


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