United Nations Security Council Resolution 407

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UN Security Council
Resolution 407
Transkei in South Africa.svg
Tranksei (red) within South Africa, and Lesotho
Date 25 May 1977
Meeting no. 2,009
Code S/RES/407 (Document)
Subject Lesotho-South Africa
Result Adopted
Security Council composition
Permanent members
Non-permanent members

United Nations Security Council Resolution 402, adopted on May 25, 1977, after recalling Resolution 402 (1976), the Council noted with concern the continued harassment of the people of Lesotho by South Africa in violation of the resolution. It also recognised the burden that had been placed upon Lesotho with regards to its decision not to recognise the "independent" bantustan Transkei by South Africa.

The Council commended the Government of Lesotho for its decision not to recognise Transkei, and endorsed the report by the Mission to Lesotho and the Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim's call for international assistance to Lesotho. The Resolution also called upon the Secretary-General to continue to monitor the situation and report back any developments.

The resolution was adopted without a vote.

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