Universal Indicator 5 (Ultra-Violet)

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Universal Indicator 5 (Ultra-Violet)
Studio album by Kosmik Kommando
Released 2001
Recorded 1990–1992
Label Beta Bodega BB03.5

Universal Indicator 5 (Ultra-Violet) is an album produced by Mike Dred under the alias Kosmik Kommando. The album packaging has special properties which reveal text when held up to the light. The title of the album references the project Universal Indicator. The music was recorded between 1990 and 1992 and finally released in 2001.[1] The album was packaged in a special ultra-violet sensitive jacket that reveals the track names when viewed under ultra-violet light.

Track listing[edit]

Side A[edit]

  1. 802 (5:14)
  2. 803 (4:42)
  3. 804 (3:28)

Side B[edit]

  1. 805 (4:06)
  2. 806 (3:31)
  3. 807 (3:55)