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The University Entrance Examination (Burmese: တက္ကသိုလ်ဝင်တန်း စာမေးပွဲ) is an academic examination administered to 10th standard students at all schools in Myanmar, including government schools, comprehensive schools and private boarding schools, for students seeking university admission. The test is administered at least 3 weeks after the Basic Education High School Examination.[1] Test results determine the eligibility of high school students to pursue higher education, and their entrance into select universities and majors.

The current college admission system is being revised by the Ministry of Education.[2] Beginning in the 2015-16 academic year, students will be able to sit for entrance exams at the universities of their choice. Further, students will be allowed to retake such exams.[2]


The University Entrance Examination is administered by the Board of Examinations.[3]

Each year, there are eleven question papers of equal format for Burmese states and regions.[4] The system of eleven test papers per year was adopted in 2001-02 to prevent the leakage of some questions prior to the exam administration.[4]

In Yangon, sales of alcohol are banned during matriculation exam administration.[5]


Students from government high schools and comprehensive schools can register for the examinations internally by the guidelines of school teachers, although students from private boarding schools have to register for the exams externally themselves. Students who attend international English-language schools or other private schools are not eligible to sit for the matriculation exam, nor are they allowed to enroll in Burmese universities.[6]

Over 500,000 students take part in these exams annually, which take place in mid-March each year (for 9 days), with results released at testing sites throughout the country in June.[7]

Tested subjects[edit]

Students are administered a combination of 6 tests depending on their track: arts, science, and arts and sciences. The subjects offered are Myanmar, English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Geography, Economics, and Optional Myanmar. Each subject examination is 3 hours long.[8]

Exam scores[edit]

High marks in a subject garner a distinction known as gondu (ဂုဏ်ထူး). Students who achieve distinctions in five or more subjects are generally guaranteed placement in one of Myanmar's medical universities, the most selective of universities. In recent years, the combined score of students who receive 5 subject distinctions has been above 500 out of 600. The scores of students at remote testing sites are announced via shortwave radio.[9] In 2009, 30% of students who participated received passing marks.[10] The pass rate in 2015 was 37.6%, a 7% increase from 2014.[11] In 2018, the national pass rate was 32.82%; the highest pass rate was in Mandalay Region (38.17%), while the lowest pass rate was in Chin State.[12]

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