Up Close & Personal (Vicki Genfan album)

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Up Close & Personal
Vicki Genfan - Up Close & Personal.jpg
Studio album by Vicki Genfan
Released 2006
Label Harmonic Touch Records
Producer Ian Melrose
Vicki Genfan chronology
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Professional ratings
Review scores
Acoustic Guitar Magazine"stunning guitarist" link
CD Baby"her best work yet" link
Minor 7th Webzine"a great CD" link

Up Close & Personal is Vicki Genfan's third available release. The double CD features the first disk of original instrumentals, titled Up Close, and a second, vocal-based disk, called Personal. Each disc contains a QuickTime video, showing clips of recording sessions and snapshots of Genfan as well as of the other recording artists. The double-CD features both Genfan's guitar virtuosity as well as her singer-songwriter abilities. Most of the songs are recorded with accompanying musicians.[1]

Track listing[edit]

Composing credits[edit]

All songs by Vicki Genfan, except

  • "Jamanolo" by Vicki Genfan & Manolo Badrena
  • "Norwegian Wood" (i.e. Norwegian Wood) by John Lennon & Paul McCartney
  • "Love Thing" lyrics by Meg Garvey
  • "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye
  • "Ain't Got Love" by Chris Jones
  • "Living In The Country" by David Rumpler and Vicki Genfan
  • "What's It To Ya" by Vicki Genfan and Kim Loren
  • "Eleanor" by Vicki Genfan and Everett Bradley


  • Vicki Genfan – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synth guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, vocals, keys
  • Ian Melrose – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synth guitar, Dobro, mandolin, low whistle, low whistle choir, shaker
  • Steve Jordan
  • Manolo Badrena – shakers, vocal chant, drums, percussion
  • Gil Goldstein – acoustic piano, Wurlitzer
  • Rob Paparozzi – harmonica
  • Daniel A. Wiess – Hammond organ
  • John Mettam – drums & percussion, glockenspiel
  • Jon Albrink – bass guitar
  • Bryant Wilder – bass guitar
  • Jess Willoughby – bass guitar
  • Barb Merjan – drums
  • Janelle Burdell – percussion, udu drum
  • Sonya Heller – vocals
  • Everett Bradley – vocals, loop
  • Jenn Hopper – vocals
  • Penny Mealing – vocals, shaker
  • Erika Luckett – vocals
  • Kerstin Blodig – vocal Ker-pad, acoustic guitar
  • Ian Melrose – producer
  • Vicki genfan, Tay Hoyle – co-producers
  • Tay Hoyle, Dae Bennet, Brian Dozoretz – recording engineers
  • Tay Hoyle, Ian Melrose – mixing


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