Upendra Mahato

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Upendra Mahato
Born1960 AD
Siraha, Nepal
ResidenceMoscow, Russia

Upendra Mahato (Nepali: उपेन्द्र महतो) is a Nepalese businessman living in Russia, where he is the president of the Russia-Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He is the Honorary consul General of Nepal in the Republic of Belarus.[1][2] He was president of Non Resident Nepalese Association, International Coordination Council (NRNA, ICC) [3][better source needed]

Awards and recognition[edit]

Mahato was awarded the title 'Manager of the Year-2007' in Russia, organised by Free Economic Society of Russia and International Academy of Management under the support of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation since 1997. Mahato is the first foreign national to receive this Russian award.[4]

He is one of the few Nepalese to hold a Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) degree,[citation needed] the highest decree awarded in the breakaway republics of the former USSR. He got his Ph.D and D.Sc. from International Academy of Information Technology, Minsk, Belarus. He worked in multinational business before 1992 and in social work before.[5]

He introduce spicenepal to teliasonera group (Sweden/Finland)[citation needed].

When there was a dispute between the company spicenepal and the employers he played a vital role to sort out and personally present himself to give more support[citation needed].

Mahato has built oldage home at Devghat, a spiritual place located in the riverside of Narayani river near Narayngargh City, Chitwan district of Nepal. Mahato has also built a Kriyaputri Bhawan (mourning place for 13 days after the funeral) within the complex of holiest Pashupati Area for Hindu religious people. He is former president of NRN. He has also been member of many Nepali clubs and is a prestigious person. Recently he has build up a hospital in Karjanha in the name of his mother Fulkumari Mahato.[citation needed]

Panama Papers[edit]

Upendra Mahato was named as one of seven Nepalis as shareholders of offshore companies.[6]


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