Uprhythm, Downbeat

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Uprhythm, Downbeat
Studio album by The Members
Released 1982
Genre Punk rock
Label Arista
Producer Martin Rushent, The Members, Dave Allen
The Members chronology
1980 - The Choice Is Yours
(1980)1980 - The Choice Is Yours1980
Uprhythm, Downbeat
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

Uprhythm, Downbeat is the third album from punk rock band The Members. It includes one of the band's most successful singles in the U.S., "Working Girl", and the single "Radio", which was a major chart hit in Australia.[2] Although it was released in 1982 in the United States, the record was unavailable in the bands' native Britain until 1983, when it was released as Going West by Albion Records.

Track listing[edit]

Note: Following is the track listing for the 2006 remastered version of the album. The original album's version of the track "Radio" (titled "Radiodub" on the original) is actually over two minutes longer than the one on this remastered version.

  1. "Working Girl" (Tesco, Carroll)
  2. "The Family" (Carroll)
  3. "The Model" (Ralf Hütter, Karl Bartos, Emil Schult)
  4. "Chairman of the Board" (Tesco, Payne, Carroll)
  5. "Boys Like Us" (Tesco, Lillywhite, Payne, Carroll, Thompson)
  6. "Going West" (Payne)
  7. "Radio"
  8. "Fire (in my Heart)" (Tesco, Lillywhite, Payne, Carroll, Thompson)
  9. "You and Me Against the World" (Tesco, Lillywhite, Payne, Carroll, Thompson)
  10. "We the People" (Tesco, Payne)

2006 CD Bonus Track

  1. "Working Girl" (single version)
  2. "Holiday in Tanganika"
  3. "Every Day is Just a Holiday"
  4. "If You Can't Stand Up"
  5. "At the Arcade"
  6. "Membership"


  • Nicky Tesco - vocals
  • Jean-Marie Carroll - guitar, keyboards, background vocals
  • Nigel Bennett - guitar, keyboards, background vocals
  • Chris Payne - bass, background vocals
  • Adrian Lillywhite - drums, percussion
  • Steve "Rudi" Thompson - saxophone
  • Dave Allen - programming
  • Simon Lloyd - keyboards, programming, trumpet, saxophone


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