Upshot-Knothole Simon

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Upshot–Knothole Simon
Upshot-Knothole Simon 001.jpg
Country United States
Test series Operation Upshot–Knothole
Test site Nevada Test Site
Date April 25, 1953
Test type Atmospheric
Yield 43 kt

Upshot–Knothole Simon was a nuclear detonation conducted as part of the U.S. Operation Upshot–Knothole nuclear testing program. Simon was conducted on 25 April 1953 at the Nevada Test Site, and tested the TX-17/24 thermonuclear weapon design which had a yield of 43 kilotons.

Test: Simon
Time: 12:30 25 April 1953 (GMT)
04:30 25 April 1953 (local)
Location: Nevada Test Site, Area 1
Test Height and Type: 300 Foot Tower
Yield: 43 kt

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