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  • "If the liberty of myself or my class or nation depends on the misery of a number of other human beings, the system which promotes this is unjust and immoral"
  • "don't ask if the net made you stupid, ask if you made the net stupid"
  • "If things get serious, it's time to lie" (my fav. Junker quote)
  • ""Silence, don't speak!" poem by Aziz Nesin, narrated in greek by Marietta Realde english subs

About me[edit]

My fields of interest are:

  • Anarchism, that includes most but not all, Marxist doctrines
  • Atheism, that includes criticism of Christianity as well.
  • History of Cyprus (history of greek and turkish Cypriots mostly)

I try to leave my opinions offline, but traces of POV might be detected. Please feel free to message me if you suspect there is a POV related issue with my edits.


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