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Policy pages[edit]

No Page Shortcut Comment
1 The greatest flaws of Wikipedia by A1candidate (talk · contribs)
2 Reliability of Wikipedia
3 Wikipedia:Do not create hoaxes WP:HOAX
4 Wikipedia:List of hoaxes on Wikipedia
5 Wikipedia:Assume bad faith WP:ABF The new, revised policy of some Wikimedia Foundation projects.
6 Wikipedia:Harassment WP:HAR Wikipedia is a battleground
7 Wikipedia:Linking to external harassment WP:LINKLOVE
8 Wikipedia:Obtaining geographic coordinates WP:OGC
9 Wikipedia:List of discussion templates
11 Wikipedia:Don't feed the divas WP:DIVA Dealing with wikidivas
12 Wikipedia:Activist WP:ACTIVIST How WP repeatedly fails to deal with the Army of Idiots
13 Wikipedia:Citing sources WP:REF Citations, references etc
14 Help:Footnotes WP:FN Footnotes supllement

Regular pages[edit]

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1 Valentina by Guido Crepax (1933-2003)
2 Rule 51: "Sometimes you're wrong" by Leroy Jethro Gibbs (b.1958)
3 The Mysterious Island Aka Lincoln Island
4 Maria Theresa Reef Aka Tabor Island
5 Keyhole Markup Language
6 Sandy Island A phantom island in N. Caledonia
7 Grille (cryptography)
8 Outline of cryptography
10 Sherlock Holmes
11 Cyberstalking‎
12.1 International Standard Book Number ISBN (see also WP:ISBN) and Help:ISBN)
12.2 International Standard Serial Number ISSN
12.3 International Article Number (EAN) EAN-13 barcode
13 List of TCP and UDP port numbers A handy reference
15 High fantasy Fantasy on steroids
17 NFPA 704 NFPA 704: Standard System for the Identification of the Hazards of Materials for Emergency Response.
18 HZMIS Hazardous Materials Identification System
19 ADR (treaty) European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.
20 HAZCHEM ADR marking equivalent used in the UK
21 European hazard symbols Directive 67/548/CEE, DIN 4844-2
22 GHS hazard pictograms Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals
23 Ladder logic See also IEC 61131-3
24 Programmable logic controller See also IEC 61131
25 Stuxnet A computer virus for Siemens SIMATIC WinCC and S7 PLC
26 Pierre-sur-Haute military radio station A fairly recent example of the Streisand effect
27.1 Outlier
27.2 Grubbs' test for outliers
27.3 Dixon's Q test
27.4 Cochran's C test
28.1 IEC 60446 LV electrical installations in EU
28.2 National Electrical Code LV electrical installations in the USA
28.3 BS 7671 Standard for LV Electrical wiring in the United Kingdom
28.4 Three-phase electric power
28.5 Electrical wiring
29 Kobayashi Maru A no-win situation exercise
No Page Shortcut Comment
301 Cathode ray tube
302 Crookes tube
303 Geissler tube
304 Gas-discharge lamp
306 Neon lighting

Templates etc[edit]

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1 Template:Packet radio
2 Template:Digital modes
3 Template:NFPA 704 Draw NFPA 704 diamonds
4 Template:Vandalism information Various versions

Media (local)[edit]

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1 File:TrueCrypt Logo.png TC icon
2 File:Keyhole Markup Language.png KML icon
3 File:American Cryptogram Association logo.png Current ACA logo, copyrighted. See older free logo File:ACA logo old-1.gif on Commons.
4 File:Maralukeben.jpg Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker with their newborn child, Ben Skywalker

Bar codes[edit]

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1 QR code QR-code 32RB17 0x4ee93819.png ISO/IEC 18004:2006 5 EAN-13 EAN-13-5901234123457.svg
2 Aztec Code Azteccodeexample.svg ISO/IEC 24778:2008 6 MaxiCode MaxiCode.svg ISO/IEC 16023:2000
3 PDF417 Better Sample PDF417.png ISO 15438 7
4 Data Matrix Datamatrix.svg ISO/IEC 16022:2006 8

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