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About Me[edit]

Hi there, I'm 87Fan.

I am here on Wikipedia to update topics that I care about (isn't everyone?) and if you couldn't guess from the name, it centers on stuff around the mid- to late-80's.

In my youth I saw the movie Labyrinth and was instantly hooked by David Bowie - instantly and permanently, apparently. Anyway, as there was no Internet back then, I had to get all my information about the people and bands I cared about the old fashioned way - through magazines and newspapers. So, I would buy them and read them - and save them. I have a whole trunk of clippings, magazines and reviews from about 1987 through 1997. Around 1997 usage of the Internet exploded and it was no longer as important to get information from print media, so I stopped collecting them.

Anyway, I now spend my time updating articles on my favorite topics:

I am by no means a Wikipedia expert, but I have learned a lot since I started editing back in late 2009. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions about anything I've updated or published.

Articles I've spent time on[edit]

Good stuff[edit]

I'm very happy to have gotten the pages for Never Let Me Down and the Glass Spider Tour promoted to Good Article status in 2013. Thanks to all the editors and reviewers who have helped.

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For the album Never Let Me Down
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For the article Glass Spider Tour
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