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Acedia or accedie: a state of weariness and lack of concern for the world, often resulting from too much solitary scholasticism.
Ohai! (Credit: cc-by-sa-3.0, Ragesoss)

Greetings and salutations![edit]

I'm Maryana. Long-time listener, first-time caller.

... which is to say, this is my work account, and this one here is for purely off-the-clock, non-work-affiliated pleasure editing. You sucked me in, Wikipedia!

I'm a literature and languages person by trade, but I like dabbling in anything that strikes my fancy. There's so much still to be done here!

What I do[edit]

I'll happily take on copyediting requests (just ask!) – I especially enjoy fixing up articles written by non-native English speakers. I'm fluent in Russian and Ukrainian, so I also try to watch Wikipedia:Pages needing translation into English for any Slavic-related material that needs improvement.

Otherwise, you'll find me spiffying up random articles, helping newbies, and occasionally creating articles on various and sundry topics I happen to know something about. I get enough politics during my day job, so I try to avoid arguing about anything in my volunteer editing time :)

Stuff I've done (that you can help improve!)[edit]

Articles I created:

GA work:

Wikipedians are nice[edit]


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