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    My name is Sage Ross. I work for the Wiki Education Foundation, as User:Sage (Wiki Ed). This is my volunteer account.

    My background is in science and the history of science, and I got about halfway through a doctoral dissertation on the history of molecular evolution. My areas of Wikipedia expertise are the history of science, 20th-century American history, and science fiction literature. I'm pretty good with templates, too. I have an undergraduate degree in chemistry and research experience in biochemistry, organic chemistry and solid state physics. I'm married to a physicist-turned-physician, and we have two children (whom you can find illustrating articles, if you look hard enough).

    I am also an administrator; let me know if I can be of assistance. I can often be found on IRC as ragesoss.

    From June 2010 through September 2011, I was the Online Facilitator for the Wikimedia Foundation's Public Policy Initiative, which aimed to bring in expert contributors (such as professors and their students) and find ways for them to contribute effectively to improve weak areas of Wikipedia coverage. User:Sross (Public Policy) was my English Wikipedia work account for that project. From June 2012 through May 2014, I worked part-time for the Wikimedia Foundation, as User:Sage Ross (WMF), on the Wikipedia:Wikipedia Education Program team.

    My Wikipedia Manifesto

    Some things I've worked on in Wikipedia:
    Diderot, a Pebble watchface that shows you the nearest unillustrated Wikipedia article
    Nested solidsWikiProject History of Science - Started January 15, 2006.
    RadiolarianHaeckel Gallery - scanned plates from Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur (1904), completed March 25, 2006.
    Featured portal Portal:History of science - Promoted to featured portal status May 23, 2006.
    Teacher's clipboard Wikipedia assignment in HIST 236 - a Wikipedia term paper assignment, Fall 2006.

    Bigger projects:



    • To Ral315, who kindly chose my fake biography of him (Rachelle Anne "Chesty" LaRue) to adorn his user page.
    • To Gmaxwell, who took this picture, which I would like placed atop my user page if I die in the service of Wikipedia.
    • To Awadewit, whose skillful copy-editing has graced my prose on more than one occasion.
    • To Phaedriel, who designed this page.
    • To Duncharris, who welcomed me to Wikipedia.
    • To Rock drum, who made me a cool bonsai 'Ragesoss' logo.

    About me
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