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My roots are in Abruzzo and Svidník District. My hometown is Pittsburgh, though I have also lived in Essex County, New Jersey and Rome, Italy.

Theoretically, I am intested in Postmodernism and understanding critical theory, especially postcolonial theory, better. I appreciate the work of Pierre Bordieu, Emma Goldman, and Dorothy Day. I want to study Jaques Derrida, Susan Sontag, and Pier Paolo Pasolini further. I am interested in the advancement and furthering of theory.

With regard to art and art history, I am most interested in the following people and their role in art: the collectors Peggy Guggenheim and Ronald Lauder, the artists Giovanni Paolo Pannini, and Nykifor, and Baroque art as a vehicle for cultural history.

The modern period is of interest to me in terms of cultural history. This includes interest in expatriate lifestyles and communities, Bohemianism, the Beat generation, and the lives of people like Augustus John, Robert Graves, Nancy Cunard, Yves Tanguy, and their milieu, which generally overlaps considerably. Tangentially, the story of Lev Nussimbaum is of interest.

I enjoy art films, and my favorite auteur is Michelangelo Antonioni.

My taste in music and literature is wide and varied. Generally, I enjoy European folk music, especially Italian folk revival, the European café music tradition: chanson, rebetika, neapolitan, and Roma. I mainly read literary nonfiction. In terms of periodicals, I enjoy Granta and Utne Reader. My favorite authors are Graham Greene, Paulo Coelho, Jack Kerouac, Bruce Chatwin, and Mark Kurlansky.

Wikipedia interests[edit]

This user is a translator from Italian to English on Wikipedia:Translation.

I am a long-time user of Wikipedia, and I want to start giving back. I have made tiny, anonymous edits, but now I am interested in becoming a more active user. Due to my language skills, I am excited about doing some translations. Additionally, there are certain subjects I am interested in enough to want to watch and work on expanding, especially topics relating to Carpatho-Rusyn topics, like the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, Uzhhorod.