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It's all a part of me:
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That's who I am!

Hello! I'm thrilled to be part of this website in any way, shape or form. I've learned all kinds of things from the different pages of this online encyclopedia. On this page, other people can learn a little about me!


I am usually very cheerful, I love to tell stories, and I also like just talking. A lot!! Oh, and all the above is only when I'm at ease. When I'm tense I get held-in and only speak when spoken to, and that very little. Part of that is that I never know what to talk about around others. Regardless, I sometimes put things away where I think they'll be safe, only to be unable to find them again! So, mostly, I'm a messy person. My parents get very angry with me because any time they give me instructions to carry out in, say, fifteen minutes, I would forget about it. Maybe I should write things down more often...Oh, and I have a bad reaction to blood. If I was the only person able to deal with a blood-associated problem, I could probably take care of it, but as soon as someone else can take over from me I have to go lie down.


I have two little brothers and a twin sister. I still live with my parents.


I generally prefer quieter activities like watching cartoons and making up stories to tell my sister. I have all kinds of ideas for stories! Sometimes I try to put my stories down on paper, but sooner or later it fizzles out. My high-school history teacher liked the myths that I write - she read one of them to the entire class!


I am far from a picky eater. The only thing I won't eat is raw olives, and there is nothing that I won't try at least once!


I am a devoted Christian. If you have a problem with that, tough! Currently, I'm not involved in politics and I hope I never am!


This is a fanfiction crossover I am writing; it's the same plot and the same characters as Code Lyoko, but it's now set in the Pokemon world with all the characters being trainers.

Oh yeah - and I would like some input on which warrior has what Pokemon. If you are completely up to speed on the Pokemon that have been released, please go to my talkpage and check the restrictions.