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Hello, nice to meet you! Welcome to my user page!


We are America's Dairyland!

My name is Andrew Peter Tillerman (just call me Andy). I am a jolly teen living in Wisconsin, a.k.a. the Badger State. I have had a Wikipedia account for two years now, but I anonymously edited here four years beforehand. Here are some other facts you may want to know about me:

  1. I have six years' experience creating tunes on the violin.
  2. I enjoy eating macaroni and cheese, and pasta in general.
  3. I met former Wisconsin governor Jim Doyle in elementary school.
  4. My favorite school subject is mathematics (and feel free to ask me questions in that subject area up to Calculus BC!).
  5. I am a third-year Spanish student, and can also understand basic Chinese.
  6. My favorite celebrity and an inspiration of mine is Ariana Grande.
  7. I have traveled to or through 26 U.S. states and two foreign countries (China and Japan).

There are many more tidbits you can learn on my Wikia userpage. Just click here to see me as Andrew444. Also, here is the link to my Spanish Wikipedia profile, where I am Andrés.

Focus areas on Wikipedia[edit]

We live in a world full of adventure.

Across all areas, I may fix a random grammatical error or two in an article. However, most of where I will edit on Wikipedia will be in topics I show a strong personal desire. For instance, you might see edits of mine in articles pertaining to:

  1. Tropical cyclones (mainly in the Northern Hemisphere; I am also an inactive member of WPTC),
  2. Geography and maps (especially ones pertaining to places around the world),
  3. Language and culture (especially if it deals with Spanish), and
  4. Highways (mainly U.S. Interstate highways).

I look forward to potentially editing with you!


Maysak seen from the ISS 6.jpg This user is a member of the Tropical cyclone WikiProject.