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This section is something of a scratch pad or bucket (a bucket is somewhere you just throw things that you want to see again but without too much thought about how they'll come out). I put it here rather than as a subpage of the article talk page as it's one way of discouraging the bot that autosigns contributions.

Please update it with anything useful in rewriting the ten-string guitar article... any format you like, signed or unsigned, whatever works.

Of course it's far better to add it to the talk page, but here we can be a lot less structured... a bit more focussed that at the sandbox but no more disciplined. And there's a place for that... ! Andrewa (talk) 00:05, 19 January 2009 (UTC)

Rich Bich[edit] Interview with Neal Moser, describes intro at 1978 winter NAMM, makes Moser's claims to the design B.C.Rich history, makes Rico's claims to the design How does a 10-string work?

Steel guitar[edit] pedal steel tunings... most comprehensive list I've yet found