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pl Polski jest językiem ojczystym tego użytkownika.
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I would like to apologize from my mistakes in english matter. I understand almost everything in english, but I have some kind of troubles in writing, because I have limited contact with native language :/

I've been using wikipedia since 2003. In 2005 I had first edition in Wikipedia. If you are able to understand polish language, click the link in the left bottom (it is called: polski) and read my polish page.

My signature looks like this -> Andrew18 @ .


I was born in 1987 in Poland. In 2003 I have started learning in high school. In 2006 I've started studying Economics. I graduated in autumn 2011.


I am interested in Snooker, Chess and web programming also in my hours of leisure I like making www pages. I like to watch and play tennis. I use to edit Wikipedia.

I don't have many edition in english version, because I often edit polish version.

My Favourites[edit]

  • TV Series = Allo Allo, Lost, Prison Break, Two and a half men
  • Movies = Actually Love, 25th Hour, Gladiator
  • Games = Civilization (I and IV), Warcraft
  • Kind of Music = Pop, Rock
  • Actress = I have many...
  • Actor = Edward Norton
  • Film genre = Thrillers
  • Day = Friday
  • Month = December, June
  • Website = wikipedia (I am almost candid...)

What I am doing in wiki[edit]

I aim to be an editor of english wikipedia because I have expierence with polish edition. But unfortunely my lingual skills arent enough good. But I am learning a lot english. Notwithstanding i try to edit, for example I add interwiki, sometimes i correct mistakes (when I find one). If i have a time I appear in voting. I like watchin' english and american movies and I really enjoy them. One day I will make articles about movies here. Also i would like to make many biograhpies (about polish famous people). I would like to apologize for my english.