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This is not Anthere's page; this is a page about her. There is a difference. As any wiki page, one may freely edit it. Anthere, naturally, may revert it as well.

The human eyes are sometimes metaphorically called "the windows to the soul."

Hello, my real name is Florence Nibart-Devouard. I served on the board of Wikimedia Foundation as the chair of the board until July 2008.[1]

I was born in Versailles (France). I grew up in Grenoble, and have been living since then in several French cities, as well as Antwerpen in Belgium and Tempe in Arizona.
I am an engineer in Agronomy (ENSAIA) and also hold a DEA in Genetics and biotechnologies (INPL). I have been working in public research, first in flower plant genetic improvement, and second in microbiology to study the feasability of polluted soil bioremediation. I was recently employed by a French firm to conceive decision-making tools in sustainable agriculture, but stopped working at the end of 2005 to spend some time with my kids.

I am 47, and live in Marseille, France, with my husband Bertrand and my three children.

My activity around here as of today (Sept 2015), I created and organise the photographic contests c:Commons:Wiki Loves Africa.

I joined the Wikipedia adventure in February 2002, first anonymously, then under the pseudonym Anthere.

More about me on my meta user page : User:Anthere
Page utilisateur en français : Utilisateur:Anthere

Working Person's Barnstar, awarded to Anthere for her hours of tireless service to Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation.

Just to be able to dream is already very important. Dreams while sleeping, dreams while awake.

I wish you dreams, numerous dreams, endless dreams...and a tremendous will to realise some of them.

I wish you to live with passion and to share your passions.
I wish you to love what should be loved; I wish you to forgive what should be forgiven. I wish you to forget what should be forgotten.
I wish you silences and a love of being alone.
I wish you birds' songs when you wake up. Flowers blooming and releasing their heavy perfume. The gentle sound of rain splashing on dry earth. Sand- and pollen-carrying winds. And children's laughs.
I wish you to love being with others. I wish you to listen and hear other people's dreams.
I wish you to resist indifference, violence, grey moods, lost friends, negative virtues, lack of ethics, and broken dreams. I wish you not to sink.

Most of all, I wish you to be yourself.

SpecialBarnstar.png The Special Barnstar
You are awarded the Special Barnstar for presenting at Wikimania that you never get barnstars Fuzheado | Talk 20:41, 26 August 2009 (UTC) - I said one Fuz :-) Did you consider adding the context ? ;) Anthere (talk)
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27 January 2016

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Et l'harmonie dans tout ça ?
y a un moment où ça me gonfle d'entendre parler de communauté libre et consensuelle pour écarter toute idée de règle. Alors qu'à la base une règle c'est fait pour l'harmonie, pas pour emmerder le monde ... w:fr:Utilisateur:Aurevilly.      

"Only wimps use tape backup; real men just upload their important stuff on ftp, and let the rest of the world mirror it."
Linus Torvalds (Maybe apocryphal) Dpbsmith (talk) 20:36, 28 Feb 2005 (UTC)


A traditional carnation for the 8th of March, from Zocky
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