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Notice of paid work relating to Wikipedia

Please note that I am not affiliated with SAS81, nor is that user currently affiliated with ISHAR.

As of August, 2014 I work for ISHAR, the Integrative Studies Historical Archive and Repository, as an archivist. As soon as I was approached for a position with ISHAR I ceased editing any articles or Talk Pages on Wikipedia but my own to prevent any WP:COI issues. Disclosing this, my possible future work on Wikipedia consists of the following:

  • Adding our compilation of verifiable sources to pertinent article Reference Lists and establishing context.
  • Partnering with academic institutions to promote the public access and distribution of materials, both as references and possibly articles themselves.
  • Uploading freely licensed and public domain materials to Wikimedia Commons.


I work for ISHAR, primarily advising and helping build the archive. While on Wikipedia, I am responsible for following all COI/NPOV policies and guidelines on Wikipedia as a part of ISHAR’s mission statement. My role is not to contribute or participate in any article creation about our organization on Wikipedia. My role is limited to content that ISHAR is curating. ISHAR is a research library only, neither myself nor anyone on our staff or volunteers are paid to advocate, promote, or endorse any content in our library or on Wikipedia.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions, ideas, or concerns relating to my work.

About the Cap'n

I've been a Wikipedia editor since 2008 and am a true believer in the ideals of WP. It is my to contribute to the betterment of human knowledge through the universal medium of Wikipedia. In my opinion one of the great endeavors of humankind, I am proud to lend my voice to the accumulation of our world's knowledge, and thereby gain some small level of immortality as people read my contributions for years to come. My editing focus has been eclectic over the years, but my predominant focuses are on history, science and biographies.

The Cap'n's Positions on Wikipedia

  • In addition to the topics I contribute to, I am particularly concerned with conflict resolution on WP, having witnessed and experienced behavior that is contradictory to the policies and spirit of Wikipedia.
  • In order for Wikimedia to meet its Strategic Plan for the future, WP must foster a welcoming, collaborative atmosphere for all those who respect its policies and ideals.
  • I believe that the vast majority of content disputes occur between 2 (or more) well-intentioned editors, and are due to an excess of zeal rather than a lack of knowledge.
  • I support efforts to promote civil communication, increase the number and diversity of editors and emphasize idealism in collaboration.
  • I reject the premise of silencing minority opinions arbitrarily, this is de facto advocacy for the dominant point of view and violates the 2nd Pillar.
  • All points of view, minority or majority, should have the same requirements, no more and no less.
  • Wikipedia has the potential to be the most purely beneficial achievement of human history, a worldwide library containing the greatest collection of free knowledge ever assembled. It is up to us to realize that potential.

Helpful Hints #1

About the man behind the Cap'n

I'm an historian by training, though much of my career has been made up of writing and research jobs. My interests are odd and diverse, including sailing, reading, trivia contests, swordfighting, hiking, whittling, acting, writing, being a buccaneer and tutoring. I love editing WP but haven't had as much time for it as I'd have liked. Hopefully that will be changing soon.

I welcome any collaborations, on or offline, and would be glad to correspond over esoteric facts. I live in Los Angeles with my beautiful wife, and if anyone wants to discuss arcane interests I'm always happy to chat.

Helpful Hints #2

Oh, let me explain, then. I hear from many people who are BLP enforcers that they feel unsupported and there are constant concerns about whether they will be fully backed if they do what is necessary. In general, I think those fears are overblown, but the point I am making today is that I am standing firm on this issue. BLP enforcement is important. Speedy deletion, blocking people violating the policy, protecting pages, sprotecting pages, what needs doing can be done confidently. First, protect the reputations of people who may be in a position of being victimized by someone by using our resources. And sort out the details later, there is no rush. If there's a horrible murderer out there somewhere and if for a week Wikipedia doesn't have an article at all, until finally some reliable sources are fine, that's perfectly ok. What's not ok is BLP violations. I think everyone agrees with that, but not everyone yet fully understands that those who disagree are quite simply wrong and will have no power when a decision comes in judgment of whatever may have happened in a difficult situation.

— Jimbo Wales (talk), 18:02, 3 March 2010 (UTC)

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