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To do list /Pour faire liste -Beta-

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To do list
For the moment, here is what I am doing or planning to do:
1. Create my first Javascript tool that will assist me in a surprisingly un-automated part of WP. I wish not to reveal any farther info as someone might beat me to it,
2. Get articles like Apple to GA and then FA, and do my best to improve floaters,
3. Create my own BOT, I just have to find something for it to do first!
4. Improve my Spanish, Latin and take my French to the next level, perhaps engaging in their respective WP's,
5. Re-design my crappy over-animated userpage, and possibly a complete make over to my Menu.
6. Get my JavaScript sandbox into shape, there is nothing now, but I am kindda goin to do somethin bout it, spare the "no need to use <script type="text/javascript">" advice coz I know that.
7.Choose a project to improve, for the moment, I am working on WP:WikiProject Iraq, care to help?

For the moment, here are some books I am reading:
1. Le canot dans les nauges by Roch Carrier,
2. The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams -Spare me the jokes; I just did not have time read it before. I've always wanted to though and now it is time to do it, really amusing folks!,
3. Latin for bigenneres by Benjamin L D'ooge -1909- for my latin mainly.