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    By day, Dr. [William H. Hsu] ([] []) is a mild-mannered associate professor of computer science at Kansas State University. By night, he is known to the weberati as Banazîr the Jedi Hobbit.

    Strengths: Energetic, ambitious, perseverant, quick-witted, funny. Sincere and forthright. Always eager to learn about a variety of topics in science, especially theoretical CS, math, and AI; knowledgeable about a few of these.

    Weaknesses: Easily distracted, hyper, spotty short-term memory, prone to typos, chaotic, catastrophic procrastinator. Can be very silly.

    Special Skills: Can do a lot on very little sleep. Loves challenges and rises to the occasion. Unafraid of pressure.

    Weapons: An unnamed green lightsabre, a cyan lightsabre named Polcrist the Boar-Cleaver, and a blue lightsabre named Ringil.

    More about me: [My biographical entry] has more details, including my [short bio], [educational history], [research], [teaching], [communities], [fandoms], [other blogs and social networks], [Nanowrimo], [friends list policy], and [user name etymology].

    Anytime I need to look up things I just start Firefox and I am taken to a site where a quick search finds NPOV writings take up shelter in the nooks of my brain sweet like a wiki cherry cola

    (with apologies to Savage Garden)

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