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Univariate Discrete Distributions

Main Articles[edit]

(a,b,0) class of distributions
Arcsine distribution
ARGUS distribution
Asymptotic distribution
Balding–Nichols model
Bates distribution
Behrens–Fisher distribution
Benford distribution
Benini distribution
Benktander Gibrat distribution
Benktander Weibull distribution
Bernoulli distribution
Beta distribution
beta negative binomial distribution
Beta negative binomial distribution
Beta prime distribution
Beta rectangular distribution
Beta-binomial distribution
Bimodal distribution
Bingham distribution
Binomial distribution
Birnbaum–Saunders distribution
Bivariate von Mises distribution
Boltzmann distribution
Borel distribution
Bose-Einstein Distribution
Box–Cox distribution
Burr distribution
Cantor distribution
Categorical distribution
Cauchy distribution
Champernowne distribution
Chernoff's distribution
Chi distribution
Chi-squared distribution
Circular distribution
Circular uniform distribution
Complex normal distribution
Compound Poisson distribution
Compound probability distribution
Conditional probability distribution
Confidence distribution
Conjugate prior
Continuous probability distribution
Convolution of probability distributions
Conway–Maxwell–Poisson distribution
Copula (statistics)
Crystal Ball function
Cumulative distribution function
Cumulative frequency analysis
Dagum distribution
Davis distribution
Degenerate distribution
Delaporte distribution
Dirac delta function
Dirichlet distribution
Dirichlet-multinomial distribution
Discrete phase-type distribution
Double exponential distribution
Dyadic distribution
Elliptical distribution
Erlang distribution
Ewens's sampling formula
Exponential distribution
Exponential family
exponential power distribution
Exponential-logarithmic distribution
Exponentially modified Gaussian distribution
Exponentiated Weibull distribution
Extended negative binomial distribution
Fermi-Dirac Distribution
Fisher's noncentral hypergeometric distribution
Fisher's z-distribution
Flory–Schulz distribution
Folded normal distribution
Fréchet distribution
Free Poisson distribution
Gamma distribution
Gamma/Gompertz distribution
Gaussian q-distribution
Gauss–Kuzmin distribution
Generalised hyperbolic distribution
Generalized beta distribution
Generalized chi-squared distribution
Generalized Dirichlet distribution
Generalized extreme value distribution
Generalized gamma distribution
Generalized Gaussian distribution
Generalized integer gamma distribution
Generalized inverse Gaussian distribution
Generalized logistic distribution
Generalized multivariate log-gamma distribution
Generalized normal distribution
Generalized Pareto distribution
Geometric distribution
Geometric stable distribution
German tank problem
Gompertz distribution
Gompertz–Makeham law of mortality
Gumbel distribution
Half-logistic distribution
Half-normal distribution
Heavy-tailed distribution
Hermite distribution
Holtsmark distribution
Hotelling's T-squared distribution
Hyperbolic distribution
Hyperbolic secant distribution
Hyper-Erlang distribution
Hyperexponential distribution
Hypergeometric distribution
Hypoexponential distribution
Inverse Gaussian distribution
Inverse matrix gamma distribution
Inverse-chi-squared distribution
Inverse-gamma distribution
Inverse-Wishart distribution
Irwin–Hall distribution
Johnson SU distribution
Kent distribution
Kumaraswamy distribution
Landau distribution
Laplace distribution
Lévy distribution
Linnik distribution
Logarithmic distribution
Log-Cauchy distribution
Logistic distribution
Logit-normal distribution
Log-Laplace distribution
Log-logistic distribution
Log-normal distribution
Lomax distribution
Marchenko–Pastur distribution
Matrix gamma distribution
Matrix normal distribution
Matrix t-distribution
Maxwell–Boltzmann distribution
Maxwell–Jüttner distribution
McCullagh's parametrization of the Cauchy distributions
Mittag-leffler distribution
Mittag–Leffler distribution
Moffat distribution
Multinomial distribution
multivariate gamma distribution
multivariate hypergeometric distribution
Multivariate normal distribution
Multivariate Pareto distribution
Multivariate Polya distribution
Multivariate stable distribution
Multivariate Student distribution
Multivariate t-distribution
Nakagami distribution
Negative binomial distribution
Negative hypergeometric distribution
Negative multinomial distribution
Noncentral beta distribution
Noncentral chi distribution
Noncentral chi-squared distribution
Noncentral F-distribution
Noncentral hypergeometric distributions
Noncentral t-distribution
Normal distribution
Normal-exponential-gamma distribution
Normal-gamma distribution
Normal-inverse Gaussian distribution
Normal-inverse-gamma distribution
Normal-inverse-Wishart distribution
Normal-scaled inverse gamma distribution
Normal-Wishart distribution
Parabolic fractal distribution
Pareto distribution
Pascal distribution
Pearson distribution
Phase-type distribution
Poisson binomial distribution
Poisson distribution
Poly-Weibull distribution
Q-exponential distribution
Q-Gaussian distribution
Rademacher distribution
Raised cosine distribution
Rayleigh distribution
Reciprocal distribution
Rectified Gaussian distribution
Relativistic Breit–Wigner distribution
Rencontres numbers
Rice distribution
Rosin-Rammler distribution
Scaled inverse chi-squared distribution
Shifted Gompertz distribution
Shifted log-logistic distribution
Sichel distribution
Singh-Maddala distribution
Skellam distribution
Skew normal distribution
Slash distribution
Soliton distribution
Split normal distribution
Stable distribution
Student's t-distribution
Super-Poissonian distribution
T distribution
Tracy–Widom distribution
Trapezoidal distribution
Triangular distribution
Truncated normal distribution
Tukey lambda distribution
Tweedie distributions
Type-1 Gumbel distribution
Type-2 Gumbel distribution
Uniform distribution (continuous)
Uniform distribution (discrete)
U-quadratic distribution
Van Houtum distribution
Variance-gamma distribution
Voigt profile
Von Mises distribution
Von Mises–Fisher distribution
Wallenius' noncentral hypergeometric distribution
Waring distribution
Weibull distribution
Wigner semicircle distribution
Wilks' lambda distribution
Wishart distribution
Wrapped Cauchy distribution
Wrapped exponential distribution
Wrapped Lévy distribution
Wrapped normal distribution
Xenakis distribution
Yule–Simon distribution
Zero-truncated Poisson distribution
Zeta distribution
Zipf–Mandelbrot law