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My name is Birdman. I've used this pseudonym all over the web, although I'm sure you'd be able to find hundreds of Birdmen. I enjoy ornithology, as well as all academic subjects. I love philosophy and I have begun teaching myself how to read and write Egyptian hieroglyphs.

I manage the Birds Portal.

This is week 17 of the year.

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Choco chip cookie.jpg The Exceptional Newcomer Award
For your boldness of your contributions at your stage, for creating a good stub article, for uploading pictures of excellent composition, even reverting my own edits! Keep it up! Here's a cookie for you. :) -- Andy W. (talk/contrb.) 00:59, 5 March 2007 (UTC)
This editor is an Apprentice Editor, and is entitled to display this Service Badge.
Barnstar-life.png The Barnstar of Life
Birdman1, brilliant work on the Birds Portal. congrats cheers, Cas Liber | talk | contribs 14:54, 19 May 2007 (UTC)