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John Richard Tillyard
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Born (1986-02-16) February 16, 1986 (age 31)
Occupation Wikipedian
Currently a kitchen assistant

FA/L nominations (successes in bold)[edit]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers seasons · Only Fools and Horses · Chelsea F.C · Monaco Grand Prix · Michael Schumacher · List of Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints first-round draft picks · You Only Move Twice · Leeds United Seasons · San Diego Chargers seasons · List of Oakland Raiders head coaches · 2004 World Series

What I've done[edit]

All my edit stats.

I don't edit any more because I am sick of people telling what I can and can't do to article I wrote. People constantly acting like they have authority over me to tell me what to do, and if I say I don't want to do it they just shake their head like they know better and that I'm just inconveniencing them by having a different opinion. It doesn't even seem to matter what my argument is, if I don't agree with them they I am apparently just "don't understand" or I'm "not listening". There is a difference between not listening and not agreeing.

Also, "you do not own this article", fuck that! If I wrote 90% of what's in it, then I should have some sort of control over what happens to it. If I post a video on youtube, I can delete comments on it and I and only I can choose to take it down or change it. If I write something I here, I should be able to control any edits to it without people scolding me.

This is good site, but the way it's run is not user friendly.