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A global icon is an important and enduring symbol, it can be a person[1], a building, a name, a picture, a logo,an image or a face[2], who is the object of great attention and devotion. They are real people living or dead, they can be well liked or disliked. They are characters, automobiles, or structures. They are non fictional.

Human Icons[edit]

Micheal Jackson [3], Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela [4] ,Leonardo da Vinci, Diana Princess of Wales [5].

Logo icons[edit]

Coca-Cola [6], McDonald’s, Nike [7], Virgin Group, and Google [8].

Building Icons[edit]

CN Tower [9], White House [10] , St. Peter's Basilica [11], Eiffel Tower [12], and the Taj Mahal [13].

Importance of Global Icons[edit]

Global Icons are representatives of their nation to the rest of the world. Not only must they have benefited from massive media attention, they also need to have had a colossal influence in their field of expertise on the international scene.

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