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The Go!Go!Go! Show
Origin London, England, United Kingdom
Genres Pop music
Years active 2010–present
Members Holly

The Go!Go!Go! Show is a family pop musical featuring the British musical group Go!Go!Go!. It is part of a cross-media project comprising a pop group, theatre show and interactive website, aimed (predominantly) at primary-age children.

Origins of the group/show[edit]

The Go!Go!Go! Show is the debut production from The Show 4 Kids, a company set up by Mike Stock (ex-Stock/Aitken/Waterman) and Steve Crosby (the creator of pop group Steps) to fill a gap in the market for high quality children’s entertainment.

Auditions for the cast began in April 2008, resulting in the recruitment of Holly, Carl and Gemma. Further auditions were held later that year to recruit Kirsten and, in 2009, Steve completed the line-up.

The cast members all have backgrounds in music or musical theatre.

Gemma trained at Bird College, Kent; Steve at Masters Performing Arts College, Essex; Kirsten at The Academy of Contemporary Music, Guildford; Carl studied Performing Arts at Bath Spa University; and Holly was a founder member of StageAbility - an after-school theatre academy in Essex.

Notable credits:
Gemma - White Christmas (Musical), Dirty Dancing: In Concert, Jiving Lindy Hoppers, The National Youth Ballet
Steve - Mamma Mia! (Tour)
Kirsten - Last Choir Standing (BBC) with the ACM Gospel Choir
Carl - FunStar, Haven Holidays, The Comedy Of Errors Minack Theatre
Holly - Abba Fever (tribute show - UK/Europe), FunStar, Haven Holidays

Ian Hardman attended the original 2008 auditions but, although not cast as one of the 'band', captivated the audition panel and producers and, subsequently, the role of Mr Baffled was written with Hardman in mind.

Cast members[edit]

Principal Cast/Band Members[edit]

  • Holly
  • Steve
  • Gemma
  • Carl
  • Kirsten

Supporting Cast[edit]

  • Ian Hardman (Mr Baffled/Various)


  • The Fluffalope - a "mysterious, sock-eating creature"!
  • 'Tom Jones' - "The Magical Welsh Rabbit"


The Go!Go!Go! Show is described as 'a good old-fashioned caper'. The gang awakes one morning to discover that their socks are missing - yet again! They discover that the culprit is a cheeky little creature called The Fluffalope who, it seems, likes nothing more than to munch his way through a tasty pile of socks. The five friends begin a quest to catch The Fluffalope, return him to his family home and most importantly – retrieve their socks! En route, the gang visit Holiday Bay and spend time in the Land Of Lost Property, where they are waylaid by the bumbling Mr Baffled.

Director: Carole Todd (Dreamboats & Petticoats, Buddy, Dancing In The Streets). Choreography: Paul Domaine (The Saturdays, Sugababes, Dannii Minogue, So You Think You Can Dance (BBC)). Music: Mike Stock and Steve Crosby. Original Story: Dean Wilkinson (CBBC, CBeebies, Ant & Dec, Disney).


The Go!Go!Go! Show is currently running at the Leicester Square Theatre until August 30, 2010.

There are plans to tour the show around the UK but dates/locations are yet to be confirmed.

Website[edit] is an interactive website which runs in conjunction with the show and the band.