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I've been cross-referencing the Melway first edition (1966) with the current edition. Of course, Melbourne has grown a lot since 1966, but I'm more interested in the things that have disappeared; railway lines and stations, drive-ins, schools, government facilities etc. I'm interested in the streets which have disappeared to make room for freeways or shopping centres - ghost-streets, I've decided to call them.

Suburb Melway ref. 1966 2005
Altona 55 D7 Altona Migrant Hostel[1] Williamstown Techno Park
Williamstown 55 J9 Williamstown Rifle Range suburban streets
Williamstown 56 F10 Williamstown Pier Railway Station gone
Newport 55 G3 Quarry Soccer complex
Williamstown 55 C6 Mobiltown Railway Station gone
Altona 55 A5 Paisley Railway Station gone
Altona 55 A5 Altona Railway Station terminus Line now continues
Altona 54 C7 Galvin Railway Station terminus gone
Derrimut 53 F4 Village Drive-in Go-Kart track
Deer Park 25 A12 Dept of Supply Ravenhall Explosives Railway Siding[2] gone
Deer Park 25 A12 ICIANZ Factories & Explosives Reserve [3] Orica
Broadmeadows 6 J8 Broadstore Sidings [4] Gone
Wantirna South 73 A1 Riddell Road Gone
Macleod West 19 K5 Mont Park Railway Station Gone
Preston 19 C11 Olympic Twin Drive-in theatre Gone
Kensington 42 G3 Railway siding into MCC Abattoirs [5] Housing
Kensington 42 G3 MCC Abattoirs Housing
Kensington 42 H3 Army Ordnance Depot Housing

I've also been cross-referencing the 8th edition of Gregory's Street Directory (1973) with the current Melway. This generally covers things not in the 1966 Melway. As the Melway is generally more comprehensive than the Gregory's, I'm presuming these are things built between 1966 and 1973, but now gone or changed.

Suburb Gregorys ref. Melway ref. 1966 2005
Altona North 154 A11 54 H6 C. O. R. railway station [6] gone
Altona North 153 H4 54 E1 Hoyts Drive-in gone
Ardeer 152 26 C7 Sunshine Tip Carrington Drive Reserve

Other curios[edit]

  • A thread on the aus.rail newsgroup regarding Hoffman's Sidings, a railway siding that ran from Jewell Station, into the Hoffman Brickworks [7]. Includes link to aerial photo of sidings [8]. Although dismantled in 1972, it does not appear in the 1966 Melway.
  • Campbellfield Station is listed in the 1966 Melway, even though it was closed in 1956.
  • A post on Railpage states that more copies of the Melbourne UBD are sold outside Victoria than inside [9].


  1. ^ In the 8th edition of Gregory's Street Directory (1973), this is listed as Wiltona Migrant Hostel, presumedly a mix of Altona & Williamstown.
  2. ^ According to the first issue of Somersault [10], the journal of the Signalling Record Society of Victoria, the Ravenhall Siding opened on 9 December 1943 for defence purposes. It was little used, and dismantled in 1977 or 1978.
  3. ^ ICIANZ was the Australian and New Zealand arm of Imperial Chemical Industries
  4. ^ The Broadstore Siding was perhaps dismantled in 1985. It left the Broadmeadows Line just north of Broadmeadows Station and headed east into Broadmeadows Military Camp and Broadmeadows Migrant Hostel. A thread about the line on Railpage [11] and a photo from 1987 [12].
  5. ^ A thread on Railpage discussing this line [13].
  6. ^ The Commonwealth Oil Refinery (COR) began operations in Altona in 1924.