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it Questo utente è di madrelingua italiana.
' This user does not believe in Flying Spaghetti Monsterism, but agrees it is as likely as creationism.
en-3 This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of English.
This user agrees that Kayak is the best sport in the world.
Exquisite-backpack.png This user enjoys backpacking.
fr-3 Cet utilisateur peut contribuer avec un niveau avancé de français.
NonFreeImageRemoved.svg This user is a follower of the Great Old One.
la-2 Hic usor media latinitate contribuere potest.
Rubiks cube solved.jpg This user can solve a Rubik's Cube without peeling the stickers
es-1 Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel básico de español.
This user is color blind
de-1 Dieser Benutzer hat grundlegende Deutschkenntnisse.
Face-grin.svg This user has a sense of humour
and shows it in their userboxes.
eiπ This user is a member of WikiProject Mathematics.

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