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Tena Campbell
Senior Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Utah
In office
June 30, 1995 – Current
Appointed by Bill Clinton
Preceded by Bruce Jenkins
Personal details
Alma mater University of Idaho (B.A.)
Arizona State University College of Law (J.D.)
Arizona State University (M.A.)

Tena Campbell is a United States Federal Judge for the United States District Court for the District of Utah.

Early Life and Education[edit]

Born in Wendell, Idaho,in 1945, Campbell received a B.A. from the University of Idaho in 1967, a M.A. from Arizona State University in 1970, and a J.D. from Arizona State University College of Law in 1977.[1]

Legal career[edit]

Campbell was in private practice in Salt Lake City, Utah from 1977 to 1981. In 1981, She entered public service, becoming a Deputy County Attorney in the Salt Lake County Attorney's Office, Utah. Later that year, she became an Assistant United States Attorney in Salt Lake City, a position she held until 1995. She tried about 60 cases during her tenure there.[1]

Judicial Career and Community Service[edit]

On June 22, 1995, Campbell was nominated by President Bill Clinton to a seat on the United States District Court for the District of Utah vacated by Bruce S. Jenkins, becoming the first female federal district judge in Utah.[2] She was confirmed by the United States Senate on June 30, 1995, and received her commission the same day. She became the first woman chief judge in Utah, on 2006[2], and received senior judge status in 2011.[1] Campbell has devoted most of her proffessional career to public service. She has been an advocate for more diversity on the federal bench and for flexible work, that would allow women to balance their proffessional and family lives. Campbell herself is a role model, balancing her career with her family.[2]


Campbell was the first U.S. dirstrict court judge to be named the Christine M. Durham Woman Lawyer of the Year in 2007.[2]

Selected Campbell Opinions[edit]

Judge Tena Campbell has stock jury instructions for both civil and criminal cases. She also has a Trial Order and Patent Rules. Practices and Procedures


On April 12, 2004 the F.D.A. banned the sale of dietary supplement containig ephedra. Bruce Hough, president of the Nutraceutical Corporation,a supplement manufacturer based in Park City, Utah, challenged the legality of the FDA's ban. Judge Campbell ruled that the FDA had not proven that low doses of ephedra were dangerous, and that it "lacked the authority to ban substances without such proof." She called for the F.D.A. to devise new rules for Ephedra. Judge Campbell held that it was not legal that the agency banned all doses of ephedra, when they were unable to determine the risk of different doses. "The statement that a safe level cannot be determined is simply not sufficient to meet the government's burden," Judge Campbell ruled. Her ruling overturned the ban on the sale of ephedra in the state of Utah, and put in to question whether the ban could be enforced anywhere in the United States. The case was subsequently appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, which reversed over theUnited States Supreme Court to review the case.[3]

Patents Rights Infringment[edit]

K-TEC an Orem-based blending company, sued the blending industry "goliath" Vitamix Corporation for infringing on patent technologies. The jury, in Judge Campbell's court, awarded an infringment verdict of more than $11 million for K-TEC. K-TEC fiiled a motion asking Judge Campbell to award enhanced damages, and payment for other losses and fees.[4] Campbell granted teh motion, and in a 22 page ruling, noted that there were a number of elements that weighed "in favor of enhanced damages." The Judge awarded $11 million in enhanced damages in addition to the $11 million that had already been awarded by the jury. "Although K-TEC did not pursue damages based on price erosion and brand dilution, the evidence at trial did show that K-TEC’s sales declined as Vita-Mix infringed its patents," she wrote. This case is stated to be "the largest patent infringment case in Utah."[5]

Utah Sex Offender Registry[edit]

On August 20, 2009 Judge Campbell vacated a previous ruling that prevented the State of Utah from implementing its sexual offender registry. A man, John Doe, sued the State after being required to hand over his contact information and internet passwords, after he was convicted of sexual offenses in military court. Doe claimed that the law violated his First Ammendement rights. Judge Campbell initially invalidated the law, ruling the law failed to comply with First Ammendment requirements. The Utah legislature subsequently amended the Statute and Judege Campbell vacated her prior ruling.[6]


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Current Federal Judges from the District of Utah[edit]

# Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by
Active Chief Senior
13 Chief Judge Ted Stewart Salt Lake City 1948 1999–present 2011-present Clinton
10 District Judge Dee Benson Salt Lake City 1948 1991–present 1999–2006 G.H.W. Bush
15 District Judge Clark Waddoups Salt Lake City 1946 2008–present G.W. Bush
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District Judge (vacant) (n/a) (n/a) (n/a) (n/a) (n/a) (n/a)
6 Senior District Judge Bruce Sterling Jenkins Salt Lake City 1927 1978–1994 1984–1993 1994–present Carter
9 Senior District Judge David Sam Salt Lake City 1933 1985–1999 1997–1999 1999–present Reagan
11 Senior District Judge Tena Campbell Salt Lake City 1944 1995–2011 2006–2011 2011-present Clinton
12 Senior District Judge Dale A. Kimball Salt Lake City 1939 1997–2009 (none) 2009–present Clinton